The Beginning

DSCN2291It all began in the spring of 2007 when I said to Bill, “If you really want to go cruising then let’s do it.” By August first, we had both retired and were living on Corcovado.

There have been a few times that I regretted that decision, usually it  involves me curling up in a ball, hand over my mouth, wondering why I would do such a stupid thing, and ending that thought with – I would be happier dead. Fortunately, I don’t succumb to seasickness as much as I used to.

I know I can say for sure, without even having to ask, that Bill has never looked back. His smile and laugh are so much apart of him now, I can’t remember him without.

And, so our life goes, this way and that way, country to country, island to island, and port to port.

Then one day we had enough. We decided to move on. We have decisions to make. Where will we go? Will we fit in? Should we buy a house and travel less, or  should we just travel and be free?

4 thoughts on “The Beginning

      • You must see some wonderful interactions with water and atmosphere creating beautiful colour. When I’m in Scotland it is always fascinating to see that extra clarity compared to the Netherlands where I live most of the time.

      • Yes we do have great interaction with water and atmosphere but that can be a deterrent also when the mist comes up and clouds your view, then the best is at sunset with the sun’s light behind the earth and the rays reflecting off the clouds. Those are my favorites.

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