Nashville, TN

As you enter Nashville, be sure to drop your inhibitions off along the highway and put on your cowboy boots and hat. You are headed for fun whether you are in the mood or not. This small Tennessee town, known for being the home of country music, is making history. Along the streets of Broadway and Second, the honky-tonk neon signs light your way, and as you walk past the doorway along their sidewalks, great country, blues or rock musicians, entice you to enter as they perform on stage.

We went to Nashville to see Boz Scaggs at the Ryman Auditorium. This historic building started as a revival auditorium in the 1890s and moved on to the entertainment business with Ethel Barrymore, Al Jolson, Ziegfeld Follies, Tobacco Road, the Grand Ol Oprey, Symphonies and stage productions. The surrounding bars and restaurants are where good and bad singers, songwriters, and musicians come to be sorted out. They either starve or rise to the top of the charts. We saw both and went back again and again for our favorite. Boz was awesome, as we have always thought but if something happened and we missed Boz, then Jarett McAlister at Nudies would have done us fine. He and his band were great, and they love their audience. I want to see their name on the billboards someday soon.

Jarret McAlister

Inside Nudies

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