Savannah’s wrought iron and garden gates.

DSCN9182Savannah has old world charm mixed with a lot of Europe. There are two things that I learned while traveling in Europe; the first is always to look up, the best architecture is what you see above street level, with ornately carved stone corbels and gargoyles, windows framed in fluted marble with domineering lintels, and rooflines and balconies of lace ironwork. The second thing I learned is never to take a plain door for granted. Walking along the street, the brick, stone or plaster wall that you pass may not be a building but a wall between buildings. And if this wall is broken up with a door then the mystery begins. Not all doors lead into a building, and many of the best will only leave you wondering, but if you catch a door partially open, then take a look inside, for these may lead to lovely gardens and a quick glimpse into the life of those beyond.

Walking through the historic district of Savannah allows you the same opportunities but, because many of these doors are made from wrought or filigreed cast iron, it may be better. You don’t need the door to be open. You can see right through. If you don’t find a wonderful garden, then use your imagination and see what could be there. Even untended narrow passageways are waiting for their turn to bud into something beautiful.

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