Savannah morning walk

I have always thought that taking a tour of any city, that we have come to visit and get to know better, is a good idea. Learning a little history and a lay of the land sets us up for the rest of the stay.

The Savannah Visitor’s Center is right off the highway on the way into town. The old passenger terminal of the Georgia Railroad is a perfect spot for the Center as it is also home to the Savannah Historic Museum. The visitor’s center offers lots of information on tours and points of interest but, best of all, they issue cheap parking passes that are usable for street parking and the public garages that are scattered all over town. These passes allowed us to have overnight street parking at a meter right outside our Airbnb rental.

When we were deciding on a tour to take, we headed back to the center for one of the open air bus tours that start from this site. Though the tickets are good for 24 hours of on and off at any of their designated stops, we stayed onboard for the full hour and a half loop, taking in what we wanted and then going back to points of interest on our own. What this tour did  bring out for us is that we can still return to Savannah for many years and not run out of places to explore.

The tour guide brought to my attention that the architecture around Bull Street and Jones Street is very well known by historians and for architectural study. As this is the area where we were staying, the next two mornings, as the sun rays were rising through the tree’s branches and casting shade along the streets, I set out for a walk and an hour or two of picture taking with my sister, Chris. We started by investigating the streets west of Bull, between Jones and Charlton, and ended it by watching the city come to life at the outdoor tables at Gallery Espresso across from Chippewa Sq.

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