Serenberry Vineyard

I have always been someone who, between family and work, never found time to the visit attractions available to me locally, but I wouldn’t think twice about jumping on a plane to tour another city. That has still been the case since we moved to the North Georgia Mountains last spring. But I am learning a lesson. One of the reasons we moved here was because the area is a hotbed of wineries. But what have I been doing but driving for an hour or more to visit distance wineries instead of visiting the ones close to home. That trend has now changed.

Serenberry Vineyards is a small family run place with a tasting room in a barn still standing from when the property was a farm in the early 1900s. Seating areas, arranged on the patio or under one of the large apple trees, allow for a leisurely afternoon smelling the sweet grass and appreciating the cool shade. Their Swan White wine has a crisp apple taste which is refreshing on a hot summer day, and the slight sweetness of Cooper’s Creek Peach finishes well in the late afternoon.
This enjoyable winery will become a place to stop by for a short a break to a busy day or just a reprieve on my way home from town. Yes, it is that convenient and relaxing, and I don’t know why it took me a year to find out. Old habits are hard to break.

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