Seattle’s Chihuly Garden and Glass

We had been searching the internet looking for something to do for the afternoon when I came across an article on the Chihuly Garden and Glass. I was familiar with Chihuly’s work after seeing his chandeliers in the main galleries to theaters and other grand halls. His glassblowing had mesmerized me during a feature on, I think, PBS. Bill and I discussed it and decided why not, let’s go. We weren’t disappointed. The colors, shapes, and combinations on display were fascinating. I wondered if Chihuly envisioned the arrangement as a whole or if he has an associate artist for that and he stuck to the individual pieces. When he started out, is this completed exhibit what he aimed for or did he start with a molten blob and followed where the puffs of air into the gather took him? Whatever it was, the final product is breathtaking.

We were delighted with the interior exhibit, but when we stepped outdoors, I gasped. The first garden we experienced was black glass. It was beautiful in its simplicity.

Then all hell broke loose. Blues…deep blues, pale blues, purplish blues assailed us. Then the vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds. I couldn’t get enough of the calm followed by the hurried excitement then calm again. Color and motion surrounded us with every step. Blue is my favorite color, but I have a passion for reds. Maybe that explains my reactions to why these gardens made my heart race then, with the next step I took, a soothing serenity took hold. The impact of the gardens by color overwhelmed me. I know that I will return to this terrace one day and the one wish I have is to experience the full impact at night under lights.

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