Seattle’s Pike Market

Pikes Market is more like what I had expected to find when we set off to visit Chinatown. But it was here and not Chinatown where we found the hustle and bustle of peddlers hawking their wares. Crowds of giggling girls passed us in the aisles with bouquets of bright, beautiful just purchased flowers. Vegetables of every color and variety shone in appetizing arrangements tempting every chef’s imagination. Fish sellers entertained customers with talking and flying fish and chased patrons through the market with dangling octopus.

Many years ago the owner of Pikes Fish Market decided he wanted to be World Famous. He may be, and they still work hard at it but they have fun while they are at it. As the saying goes, “Do what you like and the money will follow”.
That also goes for the first Starbucks coffee shop just around the corner. They wanted to be the best and I think world famous because they surely are. The same could be true for Bella Umbrellas, located a block away. Just walking past the window makes you need an umbrella immediately. They give enjoying walks in the rain new meaning.

Elysian Brewing, my favorite in this town known for microbreweries, must have brewers that love what they do and strive to be the best. I’m not a beer drinker but stopping at this brewery’s 2nd street pub after an afternoon of shopping taught me to enjoy an IPA.

Sur La Table, my go to kitchen supply store for years, it turns out the shop started right at Pikes Market.
And no wonder there are so many great restaurants in this area. With fresh local ingrediants available right outside their doors there is no reason one can’t be the best. If you crave world renown scone, go to the Crumpet Shop. How about Pike Place Chowder for to die for Chowder. And being a great view person myself, Matt’s has that and great food too.
Seattle thrives with great successful businesses. The “nothing but the best” and become “World Famous” attitude must have come from somewhere. Maybe it originated with Pike Place Fish Market and everyone else absorbed the can do attitude through the rain soaked air. What ever it is it works.


Elysian Bar 2nd Ave

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