Crane Creek Vineyards, Young Harris, Georgia

We first visited Crane Creek Vineyards after their Friday night Tapas and Jazz was recommended to us. We arrived first at their tasting room and huddled with others in their gift shop enjoying a sample of their latest bottling while overlooking the trimmed and bare branches of the vineyard below. As the wine tasting room closed for the day, we walked along a path lined with stark vines to the event center where we found a roaring fire in the fireplace already heading off the evening chill. We were told when we made the reservation for the evening that the main room was booked but we could sit in an adjoining room and we possibly could still hear the music. We were anxious to attend, as the musician for the evening, Teddy Baker, was highly regarded, so we agreed to give it a try. When we where shown to our seat we were very disappointed but as our table for six began to fill we realized what a wonderfully social evening we were in store for. A young couple from Germany and an executive couple from Atlanta rounded out the seating. We enjoyed interesting, pleasant conversation while toe tapping to jazz in the background.

The following week we relaxed on a patio behind the tasting room. We filled our plates with chilie and poured a full bodied red wine into our glasses as the sun set over the vineyard’s pond. Eric Seiforth, Crane Creek’s owner, reached into the hearts of everyone there when he welcomed us and explained that the Winter Solstice Celebration marked his favorite time of the year. The time for renewal begins and the plants slowly prepare the way for new buds to grow. The cycle of life all over. Then a huge bonfire lit up the night!

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