Don’t jump too quickly.







I have finally convinced my husband that it is time to move off our boat, give up our lovely Caribbean lifestyle and return to the states and land. He had his dream for seven years, and now I need to have mine. We have gone back and forth about living outside of the U.S. but we decided that we need to go back. We are grandparents now. We want to be more accessible. Our love of foreign countries hasn’t died, but that doesn’t mean we need to be expats. We can still travel and settle into communities overseas with the help of Airbnb and the likes. These neighborhood options have been a god send for us since we found out about them several years back. They are the perfect way to blend in and enjoy the local culture which is far different from what we experience from a hotel.

I have always thought that I would spend part of my life in the North Carolina mountains, but after visiting them, I wasn’t convinced that these hills fit our needs. Anytime, I visit a place in August and freeze, I questioned its suitability as a home base. If I wanted cold, I would have stayed in New England. But the most unexpected thing happened to us on our trip to Asheville last year. A side trip took us south to the Georgia border, and we liked it. The area fits right into what we were looking for but without the high mountain chill. We contacted a realtor and asked to see two homes that Bill thought were interesting. They were prow front, and it is a style that we hadn’t seen in the north. I am not sure if destiny stepped in, but Bill is sold on prow front homes after our first look.


The angled view from the prow-shaped windows in the living room allow a one hundred eighty degree view, and when the view is in the mountains or the woods, you feel the outdoors all around you. This style home is the perfect transition to land for someone who has spent most of their days outdoors as we do in our cockpit on the boat. Bill isn’t totally on board with the idea of moving ashore, but now he is motivated. He can have a happy wife and a prow, but the prow just wouldn’t be on a boat.

I wanted to buy the first house we saw. It was beautiful. I wanted to move off the boat and put her in storage while it was up for sale, and I wanted to move back to the states immediately so I can live happily ever after. But no. That would be a rash decision, and Bill doesn’t move quiet that fast. What do we know about the people? Can we be Southerners? Is the Bible belt for us? Where are the economic drivers? Do I need to worry about the schools if our children have been out of the house for years? The realtor explained that prow front homes are very popular just over the Georgia border. Would we consider looking there? I asked him if the folks were more Southern in Georgia. He smiled, “Honey, you can’t get more southern than here?

So we returned to St. Maarten, put the boat up for sale and began our internet search for homes in the warmer area of the Blue Ridge Mountain somewhere around southwestern North Carolina and maybe even Georgia. We can have mountain beauty and views, four seasons, and warmer weather. Georgia, the mere thought is a big change for a girl from the north.

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