Mountains and more mountains but are they enough?

We’re still trying to figure out what to do with the rest of our lives. We’ve made a decision to end our cruising life, at least cruising in the Caribbean. Corcovado, our boat and home for the past seven years, is being painted. It is the first step of our plan to sell her and make a change. We’re moving on. Corcovado will be beautiful and go on the market soon.

We’re considering buying a house in the western mountains of North Carolina or northern Georgia. But, the closer we come to moving on, the more fluid our plans could be. Decisions are difficult. This summer we visited the Blue Ridge and Smokey mountains for the first time. We have talked about moving to that area for years but neither Bill nor I had ever been there. We had to go see for ourselves if these hills fit our needs.

Rt 74/19We continued our NC trip to the southern towns of Murphy and Hayesville, the Appalachians surrounded us with crisp clean air and endless views. Hmmm. I’m a sucker for a good view. Our old house had one and the boat provides a constantly changing one. A good view will be a deal breaker on anyplace that we chose.







Waynesville Town Hall

Waynesville Town Hall

When we lived in New England, malls and strip shopping center replaced the traditional town centers. I’ve always thought this was regretful. The mass commercialism took away the sense of community  South of Asheville we stopped in charming Waynesville. Either they have done as good of job of revitalizing their town as Asheville did, or the mad rush to decentralize municipalities with malls passed them by. The spirit of a small town still lives and thrives there. This gave the area an A in our house hunt.

Out of Waynesville, the mountainous route south turned from a highway into a two lane road,  the distance between towns grew, and entwined around gorges, lakes and white water rivers. Every outdoorsman will find an abundance of opportunities for canoeing, rafting, fishing, hiking, camping and climbing along I 19. We aren’t real active but we sure like looking at people when they are.

We had an appointment with a real estate agent, and wondered about warnings of hillbillies and not fitting in with the good old southern boys. When dining in one town, near a house that we wanted to see, we spied on other clients and watched how folks interacted with others. We didn’t find any telltale signs of degenerate behavior or unfriendly attitudes. But mostly our real estate agent helped us decide what the tendencies in these towns was really like. He grew up the area, and he is anything but a redneck. If these people are like Jimmy Stewart, then we can be happy there. But only if we can find a home soaring above the clouds. Then, we can have a new life instead of floating on the sea._SCN6802

But, will we change our minds? It’s always fun to play at – what ifs. What if we decide our dream is really to tour the European rivers and canals on a new boat? What if buying a house in Florida or St. Martin fits our life better. What if our boat doesn’t sell. What if Corcovado sells quickly, and we have to decide where to move at the scratch of a pen on a bill of sale for our boat. Will we be ready or will we want life to remain as it is? Boy…this is too much to think about. I think I’ll go join Bill at the boat bar on Sunset Beach.

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