Asheville-Can we live here?

Whenever we travel, we look to see if the place we traveled to would be a good place to live. Now that we have more time, we love visiting new places. But now when we ask the question, we are a little more serious. We’re looking for our next home.

Our hearts will always be in New England and I don’t think I can go for years without at least a quick stopover or drive through the country side but it is just too cold for too long. So we did what I have wanted to do for my entire adult life, see if the mountains of eastern North Carolina or Northern Georgia are as beautiful as I thought they might be. The answer is undeniably yes.

The mountains aren’t as high as in Colorado and the sky isn’t as big as in  Montana but we could look down on clouds, enjoyed the fresh open feel of surrounding mountains and we were close to the East Coast. Those last two words, East and Coast, are important to us. We want to drive to New England and also live not far from the beach.

Asheville surprised us. The city’s restorations are beautiful.


Two hundred restaurants have sprung up starting downtown and reaching to the city’s outskirts. Microbreweries are on every block._SCN6723_SCN6720 New hotels are in the process of development. Southern heat is tempered at the lofty 2,000 feet above sea level. And to top it all off, the people couldn’t be nicer.

So, here we are again, wondering if this wonderful place will be where we settle next.



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