Passage to Pointe A Pitre

We delayed leaving Isles des Saintes for Pointe A Pitre waiting for squalls to pass. When we left we motored east into the wind wanting to get the worst behind us. An hour later we were full sails up heading northeast to the main island of Gaudeloupe. The island is shaped like a butterfly and we’re going to a harbor between the two wings.


It felt good to glide through the waves at 7 knots instead of having to eak out every forward push by pounding through waves with the engine humming along. This trip was our last trip to windward. The rest of the way back to St. Martin should be with the breeze.

The squalls rolled past one after the other drenching us then drying with full sunshine only to have another ravaging burst. We worked the sails hard and I worked hard keeping them trim. We found our perfect point of sail, our perfect sailing lines and so what if it rained, the rain was warm. We did great, we passed other boats, and were the winner this time around.  That was a rare treat as CORCOVADO is built for comfort, not speed. DSCN5420

The anchorage we chose on the east side of the harbor was small and packed with other boats. Our stern hung out in the channel by five feet. This is normally no big deal but what we would soon find out is that in Pointe A Pitre five feet is five feet too much.


At three o’clock in the morning a freighter left the commercial dock, it turned into the channel not far from us. The ship was lit like a party boat but the deep rumbling engines so close by warned us of its full power. A brilliant spectacle to watch and we were definitely in awe as it passed twenty feet away. We finished our disrupted night’s sleep where we were then moved our ship the next day.


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