Charleston, Nevis

We’ve been to Nevis once before and I’m glad we took the time to come back. The city of Charleston has preserved the old English architecture well.

police station

police station

Many buildings built from stone, dates back to the days of Lord Nelson when the stone came from England as ballast for their boat, they needed the weight in the keel because they sailed empty toward the islands. Upon arrival in the islands, they offloaded the stone as trash and loaded the boats with things of more value like sugar and rum.

The English’s trash is one of the few things that survived the changing market, abolition and hurricanes. The stone buildings stood the test of time, unlike most of the British who moved on. The old-stone police station looks stunning with beautiful island shutters reminding one of cooling breezes on soaking hot days, rum punch, long flowing dresses, parasols and top hats.


The gingerbread wood buildings all have porches to protect from the sun, painted in the expected British white with touches of Caribbean colors. The main street has two parks with monuments and old-stone walks. Locals sit on parks benches and gossip in hushed tones.


We inquired with a local about the whereabouts of a cold glass of beer and where directed down a walkway between buildings. It opened to a cool treed garden with a bar built into the stone back wall. The shade of tall trees welcomed us along with a friendly Guyanese lady serving drinks.2013-03-04 16.39.11


We spent time lyming (passing time) with the pretty lady and her friend, catching up on the local goings on. It appears that these two are two who know what is going on. This island is full of those who know and those who don’t. You have the locals who cater to the jet-setting tourist at the Four Seasons, the Hermitage and Golden Rock Resort and those who don’t. I’m not much into celebrities so I had my fill that day. We now have it on good authority that Tiger really does want to get back with his wife.DSCN5212

We then wandered through town and down the road along the quay where we passed more gingerbread building and an empty lot of grazing goats.DSCN5215DSCN5213


We stopped at the Octagon bar where the internet connection is good then wandered next door where Café des Art was serving up a British pub game like the US’s trivial pursuit. The bar looks like any Caribbean beach bar except it is located in a beautiful garden along the quay instead of on the beach.

2013-03-05 12.04.48

We decided to stay for a few sessions of laughter. The young waitress was friendly and complemented my hair, said how soft it looked then asked if she could feel it. “Sure,” I replied. She ran her fingers down it then squeezed, said, “So soft,” then walked away with 150 thin, gorgeous, braids swaying down her back. It reminded me of the time in Antigua when we sat at the dock eating ice cream and a man sat near us with an adorable little girl. She kept watching Bill like he was from outer space. She drew up her courage and came close, one little contemplating step after the other. She smiled a big smile and quickly stuck out her little finger and touched Bill’s arm, then turned and ran away, to hide behind her dad for protection. We all laughed. We’re all different , it’s good she took the chance and Bill doesn’t bite. My hair may be soft but our waitress’s hair was gorgeous.

We then decided to go back to the boat before dark and were on time for the most spectacular sunset we’ve ever seen. I know I just posted about sunsets, but if you love sunsets, here you go.

DSCN5226DSCN5223 DSCN5218

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