One of the great things about traveling is meeting new people and trying new food. When the two come together, then you know you have it right. Bill and I have become totally hooked on Shawarma. And the owners of Little Jerusalem in Simpson Bay welcomes us so warmly that we can’t wait to go back.

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Shawarma is a middle eastern snack. It’s meat (any kind) mixed with fats and spices, is formed into a cone, then roasted on a spit usually taking a day to cook. The fats melt and blend with the spices, infusing the moist rotating meat. Shawarma sometimes refers to the sandwich made from this delightful meat. A garlic mayo sauce over tomato, lettuce and cucumber are added to pita type of bread.

You may be reminded of a Greek gyro if you saw one but the taste is pure spice. Lemon, peppers, onion, garlic and mace nibble and prod at your tongue, awakening it in the heavenly world of simple food’s bliss.


Little Jerusalem

Little Jerusalem

A word of advice – In the middle east they think of Shawarma as a snack but a sandwich for me last two lunches and the meat can be used over salad or rice to make a great dinner too.

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