On the hard in St. Martin

We are on the hard, (when a boat is on land, usually having repairs or maintenance ) and St. Martin’s airport runway is just across the street, just off our bow. If we were in the water and a boat came as close as the planes do I’d be on the radio asking ‘what’s up’. I understand you may doubt this but it’s not the US.

So, Bill is lamenting that it’s not anywhere as nice here as being on the hard in Grenada. We did that for far more months than I care to remember so I question his judgement, he remembers only the good times. Marina Beach BarEvery night we would go to the boatyard’s beach bar for dinner and have fresh fish with onions or BBQ ribs and he could drink all the beer he wanted and I all the wine for a total of about twenty dollars. We would return to the boat and listen while tree frogs looked for their mates. The high mountains on either side of us surrounded the bay, allowing for cool breezes most of the time.DSCN1822Kalisha and Ester

Once a week we would walk a short distance to the Bel Air resort, the only other development on remote St. David’s Bay, and have cocktails while listening to live music with the sweet smell of frangipani in the air.DSCN1837DSCN1836

Months and months would go by and the workers would pass and say ‘Hey captain how’s it going’ and months and months would go by and nothing, nothing would happen. Promises and promises but nothing happened.

Now, we feel like we are in the city. We hear private jets arriving in the middle of the night and leaving before first light. St. Martin wants to be the Cote d’Azur of the west. They invested heavily in  marinas for Mega-yachts. Well, those mega-yacht owners and guests aren’t taking Jet Blue. Their private jets land and take off at all hours, rattling our boat, waking us from sound sleep and setting off car alarms in the process.RSCN4905[1]

So, it’s early evening and car alarms are beeping. Bill is lamenting about how nice Grenada was, he talking about tree frogs and mountains not the extra 4 months it took so I’m not listening.

I like it here. We have workers on our boat just about every day and on time. We have a fine French pastry shop a short walk away. Chocolate almond croissant anyone?

We may not be out by Christmas but hey we just got here and I’m confident we’ll be back in the water soon.

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